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The stories and articles listed below encompass both Winter & Company and its affiliate W Financial Fund, LP. W Financial is a direct private bridge lender.

Oct 2013   Barrons "Rock Solid Real Estate"
Jun 2013 The Real Deal "Watchcase Developer Completes Purchase of Sag Harbor Hotel"
Mar 2013 Winter & Company's Market Update and Newsletter
Nov 2012 Winter & Company's Market Update and Newsletter
Nov 2012 Mortgage Observer Weekly "Q + A"
Nov 2012 The Mortgage Observer "In Development - New developers may dream big, but are banks willing to make those dreams come true?"
Nov 2012 Council of NY Cooperatives - 32nd Annual Housing Conference - November 11th - Baruch College
Gregg Winter to be a speaker at Session 213; "Refinancing the Cooperative's Underlying Mortgage"
[Register Online] [Download Conference Brochure PDF] [Council of New York Cooperatives website]
Sep 2012

The Cooperator "Mortgage Refinancing: There May Never Be a Better Time"

Apr 2012 The Real Deal "Fear and Lending in New York"
Mar 2012 Habitat Magazine "Defeating Defeasance, a Prepayment Penalty the Size of Jupiter"
Feb 2012 The Wall Street Journal (this article highlights a recently closed, $3,100,000 W Financial loan) "Brooklyn Arena Pulls More Retail"
Feb 2012 Winter & Company's Market Update and Newsletter
Feb 2012 Real Estate Weekly "Niche Player Anticipating Robust Year for Bridge Lenders"
Jan 2012 The Real Deal Construction Lending Shackles Loosen
Nov 2011 Winter & Company's Market Update and Newsletter
Oct 2011 The Real Deal "Unsold Shares at Williamsburg's 20 Bayard go for $25M"
July 2011 New York Observer "World's Largest LGBT Synagogue Buys First Property"
June 2011 HFM Week "Ready Willing and ABL"
June 2011 Gregg Winter is a panelist at Greenpearl's Brooklyn Real Estate Summit 2011
May 2011 Gregg Winter is a panelist at Greenpearl's Commercial Real Estate Investment Summit
Aug 2010 Financial Times "The Asset-Based Lending Industry After the Disaster"
Aug 2010 The Wall Street Journal "Developer Wins Battle, Loses War"
Dec 2009 Gregg Winter moderates panel at Greenpearl Events Multifamily Investment Summit
Oct 2009 Alternative Asset Summit "Asset Backed Lending Strategies - Taking Advantage of the Credit Crisis"
Oct 2009 Alternative Investment News "W Financial Provides Apartment Loan"
May 2009 The Real Deal "Lenders Now Hinge Decisions on Proof of Wealth"
May 2009 Alternative Investment News "W Financial Nears Several Deals"
May 2009 Retail Traffic Magazine "Money Talks"
Feb 2009 Alternative Investment News "Property Fund Scores with High Quality, Low Leverage"
Jan 2009 The Real Deal "Hotel Builders Face Perfect Storm"
Dec 2008 Alternative Investment News "Property-Focused Firm Plot Asset Push"
Dec 2008 The Real Deal "Show Me the Money"
Nov 2008 The Real Deal "Specialty Lenders Keep Developers Afloat"
Oct 2008 Real Estate Weekly "New Money Market: Rookies need not apply"
Aug 2008 The New York Sun "Commercial Real Estate Financing Becomes Needle in Haystack"
Jul 2008 The New York Sun "Specialty Lenders Thrive in a Challenging Time"
Jun 2008 The New York Sun "Assessing the Hospitality Industry"
Jun 2008 The Real Deal "The Impact of the Expiration of the 421A Tax Abatement"
Jun 2008 Real Estate Leaders' Symposium Real Estate Leaders' Symposium on the Credit Crisis
May 2008 Alternative Investment News "W Financial Plans to Add New Class of Shares"
Mar 2008 The New York Sun "The 'Impossible Dream' of Rental Development"
Feb 2008 The New York Sun "The Divide Between Manhattan, Other Boroughs"
Feb 2008 Real Estate Weekly "How Great is the Impact of the Credit Crunch on the Availability of Construction Financing in NYC?"
Feb 2008 Northeast Real Estate Business "Bridge Lenders are More Important Than Ever in Today's Challenging Market"
Nov 2007 FINalternatives "Despite Credit Woes, Asset-backed Loan Funds Enjoy Steady Returns"
Jun 2007 The Real Deal "Closing the Financial Spigot for Condos"
Jun 2007 Institutional Investor "High Flying Yields"
Apr 2007 Alternative Investment News "W Financial Plans to Launch New Class of Shares"
Apr 2007 Infovest Newsletter "Sag Harbor Capital Management Preparing Second Mortgage-Backed Hedge Fund"
Nov 2006 Interview "Private Mortgage Fund Attracts Pension Money"
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