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How long will the process take?
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How long will the process take?How long will the process take?

Assuming that the Borrower has made a decision to proceed and has delivered all the key documents needed to underwrite the loan to the broker, 60-120 days would be the typical range. Going from "first phone call" to a closing in 60 days requires smooth choreography among all the parties.

All key players from the borrower, the mortgage broker, the borrower's attorney, the title company, to the bankers, the bank's attorneys, the appraiser, engineer and environmental consultant need to be kept in forward motion because if any player drops the ball, the whole schedule can and will go awry. The most typical time frame to close a commercial mortgage is somewhere between 90 and 120 days.

Occasionally, an investment opportunity may present itself to an investor that must be acted upon very quickly. Our affiliated company, W Financial. is a direct private lender capable of closing on a transaction in as little as one week. Learn more about W Financial by visiting:
W Financial

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